Case Study: United Way of Salt Lake

United Way of Salt Lake is one of the largest and most active chapters of The United Way, a 100+-year-old institution that facilitates volunteering and donations among a network of individuals, nonprofits, companies, and other community members.



After years of using legacy Volunteer management modules, United Way of Salt Lake was in search of a best of breed Volunteer Management solution that would help them meet their ever growing programmatic goals and objectives - to support their 21 programs and increase overall volunteer engagement with a focus on repeat volunteers.

With a recent capital investment in Salesforce, United Way was in search of a platform that could be implemented quickly and efficiently, in order to avoid any challenges related to migrating away from their current platform. Not only was implementation a key requirement, they needed a platform that natively integrated with their donor CRM -

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Solution Overview
& Key Outcomes

Golden was able to provide United Way with branded communications, advanced CRM Integration, branded portal, automated hour and attendance tracking, etc…

By leveraging Golden's native integration with Salesforce, United Way of Salt Lake was able to sync their data bi-directionally, achieving 100% data consistency which allowed for a clear view of the volunteer to donor journey. This enabled their development teams to solicit their Volunteers to drive fundraising efforts and meet yearly goals.

Along with obtaining a 360 degree view of their Volunteers and potential donors, United Way was able to use Golden's mobile app experience that leverages the real time location of their volunteers to automate tracking of hours, attendance, and volunteer impact as a whole, essentially eliminating spreadsheets. By automating these workflows, UW saw effective time savings of one day of
team time per week.

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Highlights & Impacts

  • 6.5x ROI for Golden license immediately upon deployment
  • Eliminated tracking spreadsheets, “Much better ROI from Salesforce as a result of Golden”
  • Effective time savings of one day of team time per week
  • Real information gives a clear view of the volunteer to donor journey
  • Data synchronization achieved with 100% data consistency