Case Study: Sleep in Heavenly Peace 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide beds to underserved youth throughout their communities, between the ages of three and seventeen. Their goal is ensuring proper physical, emotional, and mental support to children in need.

Originally established in a garage during the Christmas season of 2012, it has grown into a nationwide movement, supporting over 326 Chapters across the United States. The organization aims to build 365,000 beds by 2028!



SHP faced numerous challenges, notably managing rapid growth that exceeded existing tool capabilities. This involved coordinating 326 chapters, engaging over 250,000 volunteers, and organizing events across states, requiring a scalable solution for operational efficiency.

Additionally, SHP's decentralized structure hindered consistency across its chapters, prompting the need for a centralized system adaptable to diverse chapter requirements. Efficient onboarding and training were deemed critical for success.

Recognizing these challenges, SHP's leadership prioritized scalability, volunteer-friendliness, centralized system implementation, and streamlined onboarding to achieve its goal of constructing 365,000 beds by 2028. Key priorities included:

  • Managing a rapidly expanding volunteer network exceeding 250,000 individuals.
  • Coordinating activities across 326 chapters dispersed nationwide.

Challenges Cont.

  • Ensuring consistency and uniformity in operations while accommodating the diverse needs of each chapter.
  • Streamlining onboarding and training processes to accelerate volunteer integration and alleviate administrative burdens.

Solution Overview

& Key Outcomes

Golden's comprehensive solution addressed SHP's challenges adeptly, offering a scalable platform for rapid growth and seamless volunteer coordination, alongside customizable features tailored to each chapter's needs, ensuring organizational consistency.

The self-service capabilities empowered chapters to manage events effortlessly, while robust training modules streamlined onboarding processes and volunteer integration.

These implementations yielded significant impacts for SHP. In just six months, 90% of SHP's independently run Chapters were onboarded with Golden. These teams are made entirely of volunteers with varying schedules, showcasing the platform's scalability and user-friendly interface.

At over 310 Chapters across the United States, this platform has created a stable and uniform experience for all our volunteers. Overall, optimization of volunteer management processes led to a notable 30% increase in event efficiency.

Moreover, while in 2023 SHP delivered slightly over 60,000 beds, the year-to-date figure as of April 2024 stands at 21,068 beds, indicating a projected growth of approximately 64.8% compared to the same period last year.

Through the implementation of Golden's software, SHP overcame operational challenges, achieved scalability, and enhanced its volunteer experience, advancing its mission to ensure every child has a bed to sleep in.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Volunteer Software

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