Case Study: Crossroads United Way

Based in Northern Indiana, Crossroads United Way’s mission is to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in their community.

A central force to their mission has been their longstanding commitment to volunteer mobilization, and their ability to generate lasting impact in their communities.

CrossRoads United Way


In 2021, The United Way of Elkhart & LaGrange Counties and the United Way of Noble County came together to form Crossroads United Way – convening over 30 elementary schools, 70 corporate volunteer groups, and over 500 volunteers. This meant that the scope of the organization's mission would need to shift in order to meet the needs of each community.

During their transition, Crossroads quickly realized they needed a system that could convene volunteers across three demographically diverse counties, while continuing to provide essential services to their communities.

Furthermore, they needed a centralized volunteer database where they could recruit volunteers, store demographic data, report upon their impact in the community, and automate their day-to-day workflows in order to reduce hours spent on administrative tasks.

Through Golden’s turnkey implementation, the team saw immediate time to value!


Solution Overview
& Key Outcomes

  • Enhanced Volunteer Experience: Golden’s Check-In Kiosk eliminated long wait times for volunteer registration at high-volume events, immediately capturing their impact hours and allowing for meaningful volunteer experiences.

  • Corporate Engagement Reimagined: With Golden’s Custom Reservation feature, corporate partners had the ability to track and monitor employee engagement and strengthen their connections with partners and their communities.

  • Removing Administrative Burdens: Golden’s auto-generated emails streamlined their communications, allowing their team to devote more time to expanding their mission, while continuing to provide high-quality volunteer engagement.

  • Targeted Outreach and Recruitment: Through the use of tags and the geo-filtering capabilities of Golden’s branded portal for advanced segmentation, Crossroads United Way was able to market specific opportunities to each county, relevant to their specific location.

  • Centralized Volunteer Database: From capturing anything from volunteer social impact metrics (e.g. trees planted, diapers delivered) and t-shirt sizes to digital waivers and background checks, the Golden platform helped Crossroads United Way centralize all of their records, and provide advanced levels of program reporting to their stakeholder network.


Highlights & Impacts

  • Matched 76 corporate groups in service projects within 9 school districts and over 30 elementary schools engaged in their Reads United Program.
  • Enabled the ability to register over 80 volunteers within 15 minutes for their largest fundraising event garnering over 2,000 attendees.

  • Improved Tracking: Crossroads United Way has managed 541 volunteers, 553 sessions, and generated $52,254.41 on community impact through volunteer time.

"United Way has not only helped me give back to my community, but their online volunteer system has saved me so much time when signing up for events and keeping track of how long I have volunteered!"

- Jessica Facko, Senior Universal Banker,

Centier Bank